Methods to Migrate Emails from G Suite to Office 365 Mailbox

Moving from one cloud-based system to another is a challenging feat; there are lots of considerations that need to be looked upon before starting a migration. This blog is all about the method which allows you to Migrate Emails from G Suite to Office 365 account manually and takes help from third-party software.

We all know that G Suite (Google workspace), one of the most prominent services offered by Google, provides multiple benefits to users. It allows interacting through emails, chat, and enables to do many other things. Another product that is the talk of the town is Microsoft 365, also known as Office 365, which also comes with multiple built-in user-centric applications. However, for multiple reasons, users are looking to migrate emails from G Suite to Office 365, which we will discuss in this write-up. Later on, this blog will touch upon the solution to migrate the data safely.

Why do users look for G Suite to Office 365 Migration?

This section will make it clear which suite will be better for users. Although both are cloud-based productivity suite provides multiple applications for easy collaboration. These two has the same pricing model which is based on a subscription plan where users can choose the plan according to their need. Office 365 has got a feature that allows sharing the document with others easily, saving data over the cloud, and many more.

It is best for medium and large-scale enterprises; conversely, G Suite makes communication easier for individuals & small businesses. This is one of the common reasons for the users to migrate emails from G Suite to Office 365 platform. When an organization is at the nascent stage, they prefer to use the G Suite. However, once the company grows bigger they, approaches Microsoft 365

Both have pros and cons, depending on the user’s approach toward the work. Now we will concentrate on the method to migrate G Suite to Office 365 environment. First, we will take on the manual solution, and later we will end the article by explaining to you about one professional third-party migration tool.

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Migrate G Suite into Office 365 through Exchange Admin Center

Although procedures are available, like the Microsoft migration tool, migration is possible. Still, we will inform you to migrate emails

from G Suite to Office 365 through the classic Exchange admin center. We have shared a step-by-step procedure to migrate the G Suite emails.

  • Open the EAC by entering credentials and then go to the recipient. Click on Migration, click on the plus sign +, and choose to Migrate in Exchange Online.

  • You need to select the Google Workspace migration option from the migration type window. Once done, proceed with clicking on the next button.

  • Users can also add the CSV files to the mailboxes that need to be migrated. Using the choose file option, you can upload the file. Later on, click next to continue.

  • Here, in the Google Workspace migration configuration window, you can also enter the email address of the G Suite admin to fetch the mailboxes. Also, mention the service account credentials through the JSON key file. To add the file, you can use the Choose file. Click next to move ahead.

  • Now mention the name for the G Suite to Office 365 migration and the target domain. Do click on the include Gmail filter and later on the next button.

  • Here you can customize the migration. First, select the recipient for sharing the migration report using the browse button. You can also schedule the migration at different time frames or start the migration manually after navigating to the migration dashboard and clicking on start. Click on New to start the migration.

  • Go back to the migration from the home of the Exchange Admin Center. Users can there check the migration status. Wait until the migration status changes to synched.

After this process to migrate email from G Suite to Office 365, there is a need to update the DNS Record to change the flow of emails from Gmail to Microsoft 365. Also, do remember to delete the migration batch from the dashboard.

Simplified Way to Migrate Emails from G Suite to Office 365

Users can also migrate their G Suite emails, calendars, and contacts through the professional utility. Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 migration tool allows the migration of multiple mailboxes concurrently without any limit on the size of the mailboxes. This solution allows users to migrate email from G Suite to Office 365 in a couple of simpler steps. It has a better user interface, making it possible to migrate data quickly into the target.

Incremental export is one of its important and advanced features. This allows to only move the new data from the last time migration. Check how this software allows you to migrate email from G Suite to Office 365 in some simple steps.

Detailed Working of Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • After installing the software, open it on your system.

Migrate Emails from G suite to Office 365

  • Click on the Source G Suite from the dashboard, then mention the name for the Project, email id, and P12 file path, and later click on Connect.

G suite to Office 365 migration

  • After creating the connection with the G Suite, you need to connect the target. Click on the MFA option to connect the Office 365, and provide details like Tenant ID, Client ID, Client Secret Key, and user email. Click on the Ok button to continue.

G suite to Office 365 Email migration

  • Next, click on the migration job and press on the + sign to add the mailboxes.

  • Now you will see a list of all added mailboxes, and click on Next to move ahead.

Migrate G suite emails to office 365


  • If you want to map the mailboxes, you can select the required mailboxes and click on the next.


  • Here, the software allows you to apply the filter to the added data. You can add or remove the data based on the data range. Once done then, click on Next.


  • Users can schedule the migration job by customizing the Job run action option. Also, make the changes to the mailbox and item threat count under this window. Click Next to continue.


  • Now you can review the configuration which you have set. Later, click on finish to start migrating emails from G Suite to Office 365 account.

Wrap Up

Users will indeed face certain issues while migrating their data from the G Suite account into Office 365. We have discussed the solution to migrate emails from G Suite to Office 365 and the reason behind the migration. Rest it’s up to users to choose out the way to migrate into Office 365 from the above two explained solutions.

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