Top 5 Best EML to PST Converter Tool for Windows – 2022

Undoubtedly EML is one of the best file formats for security purposes as it allows you to send a single message instead of a complete folder/mailbox. But there are also a few drawbacks with this file format, like due to a single mail storing facility, users can uncountable EML files in a single mailbox, which makes finding a specific email a hassle. But some users have found a way to manage these EML files by converting EML to PST file format.

Here in this write-up, I’ll mention the top EML to PST converters available for Windows so that you can choose one for your task. Before this, let me mention why you’ve to choose an automated third-party converter for this task.

Why EML to PST converter instead of the native solution?

First thing first, as I have mentioned above, users can have uncountable EML files, and converting them manually is a hectic task as you cannot filter unwanted EML files. You cannot preview them before converting them into PST. Manually there is a risk of human error, which can result in data loss. Last but not least, EML files can be generated through multiple Email clients, and it is possible that some EML files may not get compatible with your system or manual method.

So now, let’s move to the Top5 EML to PST converter tool for Windows in 2022.

  1. Shoviv EML to PST converterShoviv software is a renowned name for providing email conversion, migration, backup, and management solutions. Shoviv EML to PST converter is laced with several user-oriented features, like, as you can process uncountable EML files to PST format in a single go. It displays the preview of every bit of EML file before converting them into PST format. The software has a filter option to exclude unwanted files from the conversion. You can resume the process if it gets interrupted due to any reason. Last but not least, the software supports all Outlook versions and Windows Operating System.  The reason which makes this tool stand above the competition is its GUI. Like anyone, even non-technocrats can use this tool without any hassle. Download free Shoviv EML to PST converter from here to evaluate by yourself.
  2. M@ilsDaddy EML to PST converter: The tool is yet another excellent option for people who want to convert EML to PST. It can convert EML files to PST files, including attachments, so users can be able to open their EML files in Outlook. Although the program has a basic user interface, non-technical users may find it difficult to use. As a result, bear this in mind when converting EML to PST. The tool is also available in the free version, so make sure to utilize it before purchasing the licensed version.
  3. Vook EML to PST converter: We find another option for users, VOOK EML to PST converter, which allows users to combine EML files into PST format. It has the ability to convert EML to PST without using Outlook. Users can export EML to PST format in a few clicks and import EML files directly into Outlook without any further work with this program. The program offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to convert EML to PST without losing any data.
  4. Kernel for EML to PST conversion is another reliable tool for users who want to convert EML to PST easily. Kernel EML to PST Converter provides a single user interface that enables users to convert EML to PST without losing any data. It can also convert EML files to Outlook PST format, allowing users to view their EML files using Outlook. To convert EML files to PST format, users simply need to choose EML files. Kernel is a good option for bulk EML files, but honestly, sometimes, you may face glitches while using this tool.
  5. Malware EML to PST converter: Another excellent solution, Mailsware EML to PST conversion software, takes fifth place on the list. It is a useful tool that allows users to convert EML files to PST files. The application also has a number of advanced functions, one of which is the ability to join EML files into PST files. It also allowed users to convert EML files into PST files without losing any data.


These are the top 5 EML to PST converter solutions for users. If you ask me for my personal favorite, I’ll say Shoviv EML to PST converter. Fortunately, all these tools are available in the demo version, so you can examine all these tools before making any choice for your EML conversion task.

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