Is Hotmail Still Around? Outlook Email Service Explained

For over two decades, Hotmail served as a mainstay in the email world, offering free and reliable email services to millions of users. However, in recent years, questions have emerged regarding its continued existence and its relationship with the newer platform. This article delves into the history of Hotmail, explores its current status, and sheds light on the differences and similarities between the two email services.

Introduction to Hotmail

In 1996, Hotmail revolutionized the internet landscape by introducing a free email service accessible from any web browser. This innovation democratized email access, making it readily available to individuals and businesses alike. Hotmail quickly gained popularity, amassing millions of users across the globe.

Is the same as

While the Hotmail brand held significant recognition, Microsoft made a strategic decision in 2012 to rebrand its email services under the unified name of This move aimed to consolidate the company’s email offerings and provide a more consistent experience for users across various platforms.

Therefore, and are essentially the same service. While email addresses ending in “” are still valid and functional, they technically operate under the platform.

Is Hotmail Still Around?

Despite the rebranding, the essence of Hotmail lives on. Hotmail email addresses remain active and accessible, and users can continue to send and receive emails using their familiar addresses. Additionally, many of the features and functionalities originally offered by Hotmail have been incorporated into the new platform, ensuring a smooth transition for existing users.

In essence, Hotmail hasn’t entirely disappeared. Instead, it has evolved and integrated into the broader platform, offering a more comprehensive and unified email experience.

Hotmail vs

While the underlying platform is the same, some subtle differences exist between Hotmail and These include:

Interface: features a more modern and streamlined interface compared to the older Hotmail design. The newer layout offers improved organization, easier navigation, and access to advanced features.

Features: integrates with other Microsoft services like OneDrive, Skype, and Office 365, providing a more seamless and connected experience. Additionally, offers features like calendar integration, task management, and advanced email filtering, which were not present in the original Hotmail interface.

Branding: While email addresses ending in “” still function, the overall branding has shifted towards This change reflects Microsoft’s strategy of consolidating its email services under a single brand identity.

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Export Hotmail Emails to another Account

If you’re looking to move your Hotmail emails to another email account, Microsoft offers a straightforward process for exporting your data. You can access this feature through the “Manage your account” settings in your account. The export tool allows you to download your emails as a PST file, which can then be imported into another email service.

However, it’s important to note that this process might not transfer all your emails, depending on the exporting settings and limitations of the receiving platform.

There are also dedicated tools like Shoviv IMAP Backup and Restore tool that can assist you in exporting your Hotmail emails to various formats like PST, EML, and MBOX. These tools offer additional features like filtering by date range, selecting specific folders, and preserving email structure.

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Concluding Words

While the Hotmail brand may no longer carry the same independent identity it once did, its legacy remains embedded within the core of With its continued functionality and integration within the modern Outlook platform, Hotmail email addresses continue to provide a reliable and familiar email experience for millions of users worldwide.

Whether you choose to stick with your “” address or opt for a newer “” address, the underlying platform offers a comprehensive and user-friendly email experience, ensuring that your communication needs remain seamlessly met.

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